Services @ Cute Cottage PreSchool
  • Age Groups

    Babies : 6 Months - 1 Year
    Tweenies : 1 - 2 Years
    Toddlers : 2 - 3 Years
    Tweenies : 4 - 6 Years

  • Curriculum

    > National Standard Based Preschool Curriculum
    > Integrated Thematic Montessori Approach
    > Self – Discovery Projects Through Multiple Intelligence
    > International (coming soon )

  • Students Activity – Self-Discovery Projects

    Children are given lots of opportunities to expand their abilities and to experience new environments based on integrated Thematic, self- discovery projects through multiple intelligence.
    This includes: Science, Language, Mathematic, Physical development, Art, Music & Movement, Geography, History & Games.
    Students will do activities by quarter as below:-
    > 1st quarter: 2 projects
    > 2nd quarter: 2 projects
    > 3rd quarter: 2 projects
    > 4th quarter: 2 projects

  • Students Activity – Tutored Reading Lessons

    Reading is important because it opens the door to all of mankind's stored knowledge.
    Too often we observed children coming to us who had been turned off reading because of bad experiences, so gradually over many years; we worked on our reading program, trying many approaches to correct problems for newly arriving students and to help our students have a very positive experience. Finally, to ensure that each child becomes a successful reader, we created the ideal reading program: one-on-one tutored reading lessons where the child has all the teacher's attention and any confusions are immediately spotted and handled.
    This program was first piloted 6 months ago and has been an amazing success. Reading is too important to leave to chance

  • Parent’s Involvement

    > Family Sports Day
    > Amazing Race
    > Family – Halloween Night
    > Year end – Concert & Graduation
    > Parents Teacher Meeting (twice a year)

    Children who participate in this program with family feel much more at home when they start preschool, whether at Cute Cottage or another preschool.

  • Summer Holiday Camp – During school break

    Ages : Kindergarten - 5th grade primary

    Our full day / Half day Summer Holiday Camp offers school aged children a fun safe place to come in the holiday while parents work.

  • Enrichment classes – After school hours

    > Art & Craft
    > Ballet
    > Languages Classes
    > Tuition coaching – one to one

  • Indoor Activities

    > Puppetry
    > Role / pretend play
    > Music & Movement
    > Cooking
    > Kids Gym
    > Show & Tell
    > Circle Time
    > News Hour

  • Outdoor Activities

    > Physical Exercise
    > Gross Motor Activities
    > Water Play
    > Sand play
    > Gardening
    > Field trip